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About me || Martino Vincenzi wedding photographer and videographer

Martino Vincenzi wedding photographer and videographer



If there is something really exciting about wedding photography and videography, is the ability to express through images my deep inner being.
It has been during a trip to Morocco, when I asked my father to borrow his camera that the magic happened.
It has been an enlightening experience.
After just some months from that experience a friend of mine got married. I took my camera with me. What really hit me, was the fact I was able to get into people’s feelings, to explore and reveal them.
While photographing, I can get in touch with them and this is really one of the main purposes of my life.

Documenting a wedding is not a matter of how  to take great pictures because a wedding is not the kind of happening where people meet, show their beautiful dresses and have a party.
A wedding is a a depiction of love, where that love beetween a couple is being revealed and sealed.
I’m just the one who is inspired by the chance of touching all this love (actually).

What about my photos? They simply express the way I see the world.