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Info || Martino Vincenzi wedding photography

What is the best way to inquire and have info about our investment?

Just use the built in contact form on this website.

Do you work internationally?

I’m a big fan of destination weddings, so that I can guarantee special conditions for that.

Do you offer engagement session?

Yes, but as much as possible not a simple one hour session of beautiful but non significant photos around the globe. What I want, is to tell your story through images.
I need you to tell me that story, the story of you as a couple, so that I can translate it into images. This is what I call a “TELL YOUR STORY SESSION”

Where are you based out of?

Verona, Italy.

How many photos do you deliver?

Normally between 300 and 600 images for a full day.

When will we get our photos?

Within eight weeks after your wedding.

Do you offer ALBUMS?

Yes, I offer fine art albums made in UK.
Printing your pics is the best way to give them value. You can see how they look like here.

Do you edit your photos?

Yes, every image is fully edited by me.
Editing take a lot of time in my workflow. Every single detail is evaluated, edited and tailored to what is the best and more interesting way to present the  picture.
I love experimenting a lot in this way.

What is your workflow?

Usually the day after the wedding day I go through a culling process to find the best pictures. After this I start editing every single image, beginning from exposure, white balance, contrast and other parameters, coming next a touch of custom color grading and other visual enhancements.
When this long journey is at the end (usually it takes around three full working days) I build the album layout, choosing the photos that better tell your story.
After this, the layout will be sent to you togheter with small copies of all the pictures to choose from, in case you want to do some adjustments.
Finally, when everything is approved, I send the project to the album supllier who is going to dispatch it withing four weeks.

Who choose the photos that will be part of my wedding album?

I choose that photos, being part of the creative process, but, before going to print them out, you’ll receive a digital sample to assess them.
In that occasion, you’ll be able to change, delete or add some photos if is the case.

Can we print the photos?

Since the wedding package includes high-resolution files, you can print by yourself or I can do this for you.
Just ask, every viable option will be take into serious account.

Do you offer hourly wedding coverage?

No, I offer only unlimited coverage. This means that whether your wedding is 1 hour or 20 hours, my package pricing stays the same. An average wedding day is usually around 12-15 hours.